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Scout Diary



10th Sept 15 Thur

First meeting, Camp prep and games

17th Sept 15 Thur No meeting - Camp on Friday

18th Sept 15 Fri/Sat

Broneirion Camp and Fun Day

24th Sept 15 Thur

No meeting - Op Com on Saturday

26th Sept 15 Sat

Operation Commando - Hafren Forest

1st Oct15 Thur

Secret tins - quiz with cooking

8th Oct15 Thur


15th Oct15 Thur

Silent Movie Night with Charlie Chaplin

21st Oct15 Wed/Thur


29th Oct 15

Half Term

5th Nov 15 Thur

Bonfire Night at Dolforgan Hall, Kerry

12th Nov 15 Thur

Silent Movie prep

19th Nov 15 Thur

Silent Movie filming

26th Nov 15 Thur

Silent Movie filming

3rd Dec15 Thur

Christmas Party

14th Jan 16 Thur

Knots and review of year's activities

21st Jan 16 Thur

DIY badge work - plumbing and electrics

28th Jan 16 Thur

DIY badge work - tile cutting, drilling and soldering

4th Feb 16 Thur

Mini night hike round Abermule - Captains Peak

11th Feb 16 Thur

Badge sewing and indoor games

18th Feb 16 Thur

Half Term

25th Feb 16 Thur

Semaphore and Phonetic alphabet

18th Feb 16 Thur

Half Term

3rd March 16 Thur

Leaflet delivery for Abermule Community

11th March 16 Fri

Incident Nite Hike to Belan

18th March 16 Fri-Sun

JCA activity weekend, Condover Hall

7th April 16 Thur Eggbox castle, skateboard hungry hippos
14th April 16 Thur Outdoor cooking, games
21st April 16 Thur Hike over Pennaron hill
28th April 16 Thur Jamie - Coke vs Pepsi Challenge presentation
5th May16 Thur Steffan - Tour de France presentation
11th May 16 Thur Beaver help with knots
19th May 16 Thur Explorer Scouts presentation of Slovenia tour
26th May 16 Thur Viking motor rally cars
9th June 16 Thur Rounders and football in field
16th June 16 Thur Camp prep Gold Award Presentation
24-26 June 16 weekend All Wales Scout Camp at Builth Wells
30th June 16 Thur End of Term bike ride

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